Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Self-Care and Yoga~Reiki~Prayer

I returned to Yoga class today after several months of being absent... life’s little interruptions…and what I found out was how much I had missed it~  Oh I knew what I was missing but what I didn’t know was how much my body was missing it too.
I was excited as I drove to class this morning; almost giddy.  I arrived a bit early, picked my spot and then just sat and enjoyed the silence.  Walking into the yoga studio was like walking into a little slice of heaven.  The studio is cozy, warm and inviting. Sitting on my yoga mat in the right lower corner of the room, I felt happy.  I sat with my legs crossed and my eyes closed and just let my mind wonder.  I took deep, long inspiratory breaths and let them out slowly~ I felt all my muscles relax and all my cells seemed to come alive in anticipation of the wonderful stretches and power stances to come. 
As people arrived and took their spots I continued to just sit and enjoy the moment.  I felt thankful for my life. As I sat and just breathed in and out I felt my heart of thankfulness.  I thanked God for the love and forgiveness I was granted.  I thanked him for my family, my life and the multitude of blessings that I am showered in daily.  I thanked him for the 45 year old body that was free of disease and could enjoy daily living. 
Class started and I was lost in one pose after another as my body responded to the memory of classes before.  I stayed in the range of safety for where I was and just let myself be present in the moment of enjoying what my body could do and feel.  During Shavasana, I completely relaxed and let all the thoughts floating through my mind go in and out.  Happiness was so strong of an emotion welling up inside of me that I thought for a moment I might laugh out loud! 
Driving home I felt peaceful and relaxed.  I pondered the question that so often tugs at my mind.  Why do insurance companies NOT pay for alternative therapies as preventative medicine?  Why do MCD and MCR not reimburse for them either???  Why are physicians so driven to just prescribe a medication when alternative therapies are effective and cheaper ~~Why as a nation do we stand for a health care system that just wants to clean up the mess and NOT prevent it in the first place
These past 2 years I have been participating in the wonderful world of alternative therapies and I can tell you that IT IS THE WAY TO GO!!  Yoga, Reiki and prayer… totally free your mind from stress, anxiety and fear.  Instead of medication… your body heals your mind.  God provided us with a multitude of ways to naturally heal, sooth and calm our bodies and minds. Tapping into them will only make you happier and more healthy.  Nutrition is a whole other topic as it relates to the healing of the body and mind…an area I too need to do better in! 
As nurses I feel it is our duty to educate ourselves and our patients on the BEST treatments for the BEST outcomes.  While I agree with most of the traditional Western interventions ~ I would love to see a world where the earth’s remedies are tried first and where “alternative therapies” are considered first line defense!!   As I get older I hope I am getting wiser…and with my aging process I want to engage in those things that make me stronger and healthier~  I want to educate my patients on the cheaper, easier and safer interventions that aid them in a richer life! 
I know Yoga nurse and Reiki nurse (here in Facebook land) agree~ as do their multitude of followers…how many of you nurses out there are using alternative therapies in your own self-care routine???  And how many of you are implementing them into your practice??? Id love to hear how its going!! 


  1. Awesome post! Can totally relate. When I participate in yoga classes and Reiki I feel so honored, blessed, connected to spirit & community, and grateful for the miracles of this world. Thank you.

  2. Meredith~ Isnt it amazing how we so quickly can enter that space of relaxation and reap rewards instantly!! Its always so eye opening for me when I miss yoga for a while and go back how instantly I reconnect and feel joy! Thank you for the work you do!! Do you work in the traditional nurse sense anymore or do you work primarily as a Reiki nurse?

  3. Bobbi,
    Do not understand a lot of the new self help therapies, but am enjoying reading your are very blessed, and using
    your gifts, is blessing others...keep it up..
    One of your proud followers...

  4. Dear Anonymous~~~ I did not understand the alternative therapy route a couple of years ago either... then I was introduced to yoga, reiki and meditation by a professor of mine...and my world changed. If I can introduce something that aids you or anyone else to something that aids in better mental or physical health for someone... yay!!!! Thank you for following the blog and for your kind words. I am blessed and I thank God daily for those blessings... i pray that you too will know the blessing of a loving Christ...and one day I pray all these blessings will be powerful in your life as well.