Monday, January 23, 2012

How multifacited are you as a person?

I am many things.  I am a truly complicated person.  God infused me with many abilities and many emotions~ How amazing are you? Take a few minutes to get to know yourself again…
 I wanted to take the time to think about myself for a moment…not to be conceded or strange BUT because one of the homework assignment I had recently that had me meditating on an area of life that started me thinking about the wonder of God’s creation…the human.  Through thinking about this I hope to be able to see my patient’s as God’s creation as well and not just “the back pain in room 3”
Here goes…
I live in a body that is 5 feet 8 inches tall.  I have been this tall since 7th grade and you can imagine the teasing I got about that. J I was a string bean for 18 years and thus called Olive Oyl on occasion…I also had no boobs until age 17 so I was also teased for that and called “president of the itty bitty titty committee”…I can laugh at that now.  I have dark brown hair by design by because of my fabulous hair dresser I now have blonde by hair designer!  J  My body serves me well most of the time, I am relatively healthy.  I had a heart defect at birth (PDA) but that has been fixed and the resulting right sided enlargement only causes minimal issues. (a little pulmonary edema).  I’ve gained some weight over time and I would love to lose it but it seems my lack of exercise love outweighs the wishing it would just go away idea.  This body can work a 12 hour nursing shift without barely sitting down, though not as easily as it used to.  This body birthed 2 children…has made love so many times I wouldn’t know how to count it…has endured 3 broken bones, several ankle sprains and many a heartache.  I can roller skate, ice skate and I have strong legs (inside joke).  This body can now perform yoga, to which it is very thankful for J.  You get the idea…
I have the capacity to love deeply and with much emotion, and I am happy about that…can you imagine if you didn’t have more than just a couple of emotions?,  or if you had to bridle them all the time?  …I have many, many emotions~ love, fear, sadness, grief, happiness, pleasure, annoyance, frustration, gratitude, anger, pity, confusion, curiosity and on and on all in the course of a day!
I still have an unbridled passion for my husband of 26 years (in May). I absolutely adore the relationship that he and I have.  He is my best friend…he knows everything about me and I do mean everything…and oh how that can sting~ but at the same time I can be me and that is a major blessing!!  My kids are grown but my love and appreciation for them has only increased with each passing year. We are now friends and that is so cool.  I truly know that I would lay down my own life for my family.  Our new grandson has brought out another kind of love from my heart that I didn’t even know was there! It amazes me how much love can be stored in the human heart. I have issues that need taking care of…and one day they will be I’m sure. Of course pain can be stored in the heart as well and yes I do have some pain in there.  I at times talk to a counselor and it helps.
 I am a woman, a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, daughter in law, cousin, niece, student, fairy god mother to many little children in our life…I am a nurse, an artist and a writer. I am the daughter of the MOST HIGH GOD. I am a Christian. I am forgiven.  I have just learned to knit…but I cannot sew to save my life! I like to cook when I have time…but I only cook a few things well~ I for some reason enjoy watching cooking shows and I would love to have a world class kitchen with all the gadgets but I’m not sure why, lol…I love to decorate my house in new ways- often.  I am learning new things every day about myself and about nursing, which I love. I really like to drink wine and I love chips and salsa.  I’m not a sweet eater but I do like sour patch kids J.
I love the ocean, the beach and the way the sand feels between my toes.  I used to love to lay in the sun but now this 45 year old body gets WAY too HOT to do that anymore!  I have a problem with my feet getting too hot as well… it’s quite bothersome!  One day I want a house by the ocean or the lake…that is a goal of mine!  I want to go to Italy and Greece…and if it wasn’t so dangerous I would want to go to Israel.
I’ve done many types of nursing~ Med-Surge, Orthopedics, home health, hospice, diabetic educator and ER.  ER is by far my favorite~ it fits my personality the best. I have now found a new side of my personality in nursing that wants to learn more about herbs, natural remedies and less interventional care and more preventative care! The rest of my nursing career will most likely be in this direction.
So do you get the picture?  Every patient that comes to be cared for by us nurses is a person…a complicated and multifaceted person.  It is so easy to get lost in the business of the day and do what comes naturally to us and that is to say, “I need some pain meds for the broken arm in room 3 or the husband of the heart attack in room 8 is on the phone.”  I am guilty of this.  I want to break myself of this. 
So~ who are you?  I’d love to have some of you write up a few paragraphs of just who you are!!  Enjoy thinking on it for a few minutes.