Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lessons from a phone....

My husband and I walked into a phone store, that shall remain nameless~  the store was brightly lite, the employees were well dressed in shirts and ties and the layout of the store was neat, clean and well organized…One would have thought that what would accompany such a store would be good customer service, joyful employees and that we would walk out of the store with new upgraded phones and a smile.  NOPE…the experience was less than stellar. The employee was well versed in his sales pitch but was not willing to go outside of that pitch to make a sale… and the irritation level that it left us with was a bit high! 
We decided to try one other phone store/electronic store just a hop skip and jump away~ What met us this time was very different. The store was dimly lit, overstocked and a bit disheveled in appearance, the employees were dressed in jeans and matching t-shirts… The difference, however, was the employees met us with a smile and a helpful hand, some laughter and we left them with a big sale…
What made the most difference?  The first impression of the employees…not the interior of the building or the way the employees were dressed…when it came down to it those outside appearance things didn’t mean squat…Now I have been the first to say that appearance means everything…that cleanliness wins out and nicely dressed employees is a must~ now I still think this, BUT none of that matters if the employee isn’t personable or if they don’t  give a rats ass that your there!! The difference in the appearance of the stores and the way the employees were dressed was huge…BUT so were the attitudes that they each carried. 
I guess there really is a lesson in even the smallest of things…For whatever reason, as I drove home with my new phone, I was thinking how the 2 stores and their employee’s approach really did make a difference to me and my husband. We will not go back to that first store…but we will go back to the second.  The guys that helped us out with the phones even got a courtesy photo and upload to my Facebook page (with their permission of course J).
I’ve read in many a report that nursing is the most trusted profession…why is that?  I’ve often thought that it was because of our origin…Nurse Nightingale and all that…the white uniforms, the cap, and the role of caregiver…
While I am not 100% sure why nursing is perceived by patients to be the most trust worthy profession, it is my honor to be in that profession.  I want my patients to trust me and I want them to respect me.  I want to take care of my patient in a way that leaves them feeling cared about and listened to…as well as taken care of with expert hands.  I want them to feel my heart when I care for them.  I used to think that it was about a clean room, a clean pressed and stain free uniform, nice hair, clean nails, and of course good care! …… but after my experience I KNOW it is more than that… while all of the above is nice and adds to the comfort of the patient and their family~ without caring and comfort from the nurse, the patient and their families could give a bleep what their room or their nurse looked like!!

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