Monday, October 17, 2011

Apparently I always wanted to be a nurse

     So I got home from work last night and on my counter was a book "all about me" that my mother had sent in the mail~  it was one of those kindergarden through 12th grade books...including pictures! and comments about friends and aspirations, grades and boyfriends... you know the kind...
      My husband was dying to flip through it with me (he already had looked at it!!) and laugh at my ongoing short bobbed hair cut that had a few layering variations...and comment on the outfits I chose to wear for the first day back to school...I had to laugh as well as we looked at them~~~I always thought I looked so cute! 
I will never make fun of the photo's of him wearing his orange tough skins again!!  (ok so I probably will :) )
       I enjoyed looking at the book and remembering some old times, and some outfits I really thought were awesome!!  but what I noticed most was the running theme of, what do you want to be when you grow up, my career choice~  Since Kindergarden I either wanted to be a nurse or a year I said  I wanted to work with, Im not sure...But nurse won out with the most votes of 7. 
       At this stage in my life I want to be an educated nurse!..hahhhahaha..
       Looking back at the school girl book has been a gift in a few, it brings me back to some very fun times in my life...two, it shows me NEVER to wear my hair that short again...three, it has given me a kick in the pants to get exercising again my weight has dramatically increased since graduation!!  four, it has given me the gift of showing me that I have always wanted to be a nurse...and that being burnt out in the every day grind is different than being burnt out with nursing. 
       The gift of being a nurse is so multi layered ...besides the patient care aspect of touching people's lives physically and emotionally, we get the gift of having a profession that takes us anywhere we want to go...the ER, the OR, ICU, NICU, Med-Surg, School nursing, Clinic nursing, home health, hospice, Nurse Educator, Flight nurse, Interventional Radiology, Psych nursing, travel nursing, Clinical nurse specialist in many fields, NP....and on and on it goes~ 
        Where are you in nursing now??? Where do you want to go????


  1. Hi there! It is funny that some people just know that they want nursing as a career! Up until about one month before I started nursing school I would adamently voice my clear stance of "I will not be a nurse." After learning more about the opportunities of nursing, I have come to embrace the profession as a part of who I am. I have only been an ER nurse in my six years as a nurse, however I have no desire to make a change at this point. I plan to continue refining my skills in assessment and intervention of this patient population and hopefully enrich the lives of others along the way!

  2. Theresa you are an amazing ER nurse and Im sure you enrich the life of every patient you touch!
    I kind of always thought that the generation I grew up in was expected to be nurses or teachers...or homemakers...
    I think my desire for nursing was infused by my favorite aunt who was a nurse.